Rink Accessories

All the little things that give your rink a little personality. From lights, to nets, to backstop netting, Backyard Ice has it all here (or we can help you get it)!

Outdoor wireless remotes for lights – Each outlet can handle up to 1000W (or one of your lights if you use the yellow construction ones). Two of these outlets can work off of a single breaker, typically a 15amp one as most households have. Three outlets might trip the breaker.

For those that need more than 2 sets of lights for the rink, there is also a 3-plug outlet that can handle almost 2000W. I wouldn’t try to use 2 of these on a single breaker though (from personal experience).

Red Rope lights – for center line, goalie crease, or face-off circles. I put these under the liner and then feed them under the boards to a power source. They show up great at night throughout the whole season, but in the daytime it might be tough and if your ice is more than 12″ deep.

Coil Hose – To make your resurfacing experience that much easier, this coil hose will not pile up on the ice while you’re out there and will let you focus on your resurfacing and not moving the garden hose around.

Waterproof gloves - when you are out on the ice resurfacing with the wet hose or shoveling off the latest snow fall, you want your hands to stay warm and dry. Be sure to grab a set of these for your wardrobe.

Pond Hockey Goals – 2 small nets from NiceRink that can be connected for the ultimate pond hockey experience or used seperately for challenging, low scoring backyard hockey games.

Mini Mite Goals – small 2’x3′ goal from NiceRink perfect for the scaled down version of backyard hockey rinks.